Welcome to Cambo Cruise, your premier choice for exploring the Tonle Sap & Mekong rivers since 2014. With over 4000 cruises logged, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience focused on your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

Our signature 135-seat wooden vessel is designed for your utmost comfort, featuring padded seating, clean western toilets, and a 360-degree panoramic view of the stunning river scenery—unique amenities that set Cambo Cruise apart in Phnom Penh.

Safety is paramount aboard Cambo Cruise. Our fully licensed and insured boat is manned by a professional crew of 12+, extensively trained in safety and first-aid procedures. We adhere strictly to international safety standards, equipped with floatation devices, safety gear, and fire extinguishers. Regular maintenance ensures our vessel is in top condition for every voyage.

Indulge in our onboard kitchen, unmatched in it’s stainless steel fittings and with impeccable hygiene standards. Our team crafts fresh meals, made-to-order daily using the finest ingredients, tailored to your preferences.

Relax on our two spacious decks with ample seating or mingle at the Cambo Cruise Bar, offering a full selection of snacks, beer, wine, and cocktails at land prices. Our cruises are designed for tranquility and are accompanied by the soothing melodies of live traditional Khmer music.

Are you looking for an event venue with a difference? Cambo Cruise also offers a versatile corporate or private event space. Our team caters to groups of all sizes and budgets, providing customized menus and exceptional service. We are licensed to carry up to 100 pax onboard.

At Cambo Cruise, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of hospitality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Discover why we are Phnom Penh’s preferred choice for river cruises!

Step aboard Cambo Cruise and embark on an unforgettable journey. We look forward to welcoming you soon.